Eight Reasons to Use Banners in your Worship Space

1. Banners are Biblical.

In ancient times and throughout Scripture, banners were ensigns or standards declaring allegiance to
God, a nation or an army. Banners helped lead the God's people into battle. Ancient followers of Jehovah used banners to declare the majesty and glory of the Lord and to beckon the lost to His safety.

2. Banners inspire worship.

We serve a creative God who reveals Himself through the beauty and majesty of creation. As His handiwork, we can proclaim His character through engaging colors, compelling imagery and thoughtful text. The Church is rediscovering the legacy and power of visual art in the worship experience.

3. Banners clarify themes. 

Our parishioners are bombarded with thousands of messages every day. A clearly expressed theme on a banner can fortify a pastoral series, inspire devotion and even propel action. Every news story needs a headline, what’s your church’s?

4. Banners define space.

 Especially in rooms not primarily designed for church, banners can define the worship space by directing attention away from distractions and toward the message, music and congregation. In the absence of sophisticated lighting, banners add color and energy to your worship environment.

5. Banners keep things fresh and new.

Truth be told, God does not need things to be new—we do! Refreshing the appearance of your sanctuary creates a sense of anticipation and dispels the sense of “same old/same old.” When familiarity does not breed contempt, it can breed apathy. It’s essential to keep things fresh.

6. Banners help us celebrate.

Just like wedding or birthday decorations, banners help us to celebrate the Holy Seasons, to rejoice in God's endless mercy and to invite participation in His service. “We will rejoice in thy salvation and in the name of our God we will set up our banners” (Ps. 20:5).

7. Banners can be customized.

In addition to myriads of pre-existing designs, today’s technology allows banners to be customized with any image or graphic on any number of fabrics and shapes. Exercise your inner Michelangelo!

8. Banners are affordable.

Technology continues to increase options and decrease costs. Enough said.

These are just some of the reasons our company has been creating and supplying worship banner resources to churches for more than two decades. We’re honored to serve churches of any size—and we’d be honored to answer your questions about banners or visual arts resources.

Article by:  Drew Trotman,
President and Owner of PraiseBanners®