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The Christian Flag - 100 years Old!

The Christian Flag is 100 years old this year! Though the idea was conceived in 1897 by a Sunday School superintendent, the flag was not actually produced and marketed until 1907.

The rules of etiquette for displaying the Christian flag are: At floor level, the Christian flag is placed to the right and front, of the congregation but outside of the communion railing.Within the chancel, choir loft or communion railing, the Christian flag is placed to the right side of the altar, of the clergymen, and of the choir as they face the congregation.When displayed with the American flag and/or other flags:
The American flag and other flags may be placed symmetrically on the opposite side of the sanctuary and on the same level as the Christian flag. It is also proper to place the Christian and national flags side-by-side wherever stationed in the church. The Christian flag is always placed to the right of all other flags and does not dip to any other flag. PraiseBanners sells a wide variety of Ch…