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Christian Church Banners

This image was shared by Cindy Goates from Mt. Vernon Freewill Baptist Church in Dover, AR. Cindy says they have been using banners from PraiseBanners® for several years and can't imagine what they did before. What a beautiful job of selecting banners and fabric to create a warm and inviting worship space. Thank you Cindy and your church family at Mt. Vernon FBC! 

These banners come from our Names of Christ Banner Series and are hung using  Banner Wall Mount Bracket Kits.

Banners in Worship

This Christmas Pageant image was sent to us by Pastor M. Park Hunter from Mosinee United Methodist Church in Mosinee, WI.  Pastor Hunter says they use banners from PraiseBanners® to add color and interest to their worship services. If you look beyond the sweet, smiling faces of these beautiful children, you will see our Colors of the Liturgy Series in Purple (background left and right). These banners are great for seasonal or year-round use and come in a variety of colors. For more information on our Colors of the Liturgy Series follow this link.

Easter Banners in Worship

Just wanted to share this image from Dunn's Corners Community Church in Westerly, Rhode Island. Andy Wallace, Music Minister, says they have gone from zero banners in the last few years to using banners most every week - all from PraiseBanners® of course! Members will often ask which set he is going to put up next - and they all have their favorites. Looking forward to more beautiful pictures from Dunn's Corner!

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