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Banner Kits

Are you interested in creating a banner for your church, but not sure where to begin? PraiseBanners offers an array of solutions, no matter what your skill level is. In addition to pre-made banners, we offer patterns and kits for most of our designs.


For the real go-getter, PraiseBanners offers simply the pattern for your favorite banner design, image or alphabet and the rest is up to your imagination. This option is ideal for the banner committee who enjoys the communal aspect of picking out fabric and notions, but need inspiration for designs.

Patterns Include
-Detailed intstructions for banner construction
-Actual-size paper blueline pattern for cutting out design pieces
-In-depth black and white instructional art sheet for applying design, trim and other details
-Supplies list
-Overhead transparency
For more information about which designs are available as patterns, please click here to visit our hand-embellished banner gallery.
*Hint* Many customers will purchase one pattern for …

Banner Care and Storage

After you have invested the time and/or money in a banner, it is especially important to take proper care of your valuable investment.


Banners should never be folded. The best way to store them is to hang them on a rod and enclose them in a breathable cover (a cotton or cotton/poly blend works best). For multiple banners, a storage unit such as the Universal Hanging and Storage System is a great investment. For more information, click here.

If your space does not allow for hanging, the next best option is to roll up your banners in a tube with the front of the banner facing the inside to protect any embellishments. If your banner has a large amount of embellishments, you might want to consider a layer of acid-free tissue paper. There are many options available for storing rolled banners such as a hard-shell rolling storage case or a light-weight travel tote. For more information on these storage solutions, click here.

Whatever storage method is best for you, it is important to kee…

MiracleBond Tape

Create hems and seams in fabric without ever sewing a stitch! This tape consists of our trademark exclusive Clear MiracleBond backed with release paper in a convenient 1-inch strip form and comes on a 50-yard roll. Perfect for working with velvet and other challenging fabrics. Click herefor more information.

Step 1: Iron MiracleBond Tape paper side up onto the back of the fabric edge.

Step 2: Peel off the release paper backing. Fold over the exposed adhesive strip and iron together.

Press & Peel Foil

Our favorite for trimming letters and designs, Press & Peel Foil Trim creates the brightest metallic "liquid jewel" edging you can buy.

It consists of three components (from left to right): Dimensional Foil Bond Adhesive, Press & Peel Foil and Foil Sealer.

Press & Peel Foil Bond is available in the following colors (pictured left to right) - Amethyst, Royal, Teal, Emerald, Fushia, Ruby, Copper, Silver, Gold. Click here to purchase.

Step 1: Apply Dimensional Foil Bond to desired area.

Step 2: Allow to dry. Adhesive is dry only when it is completely clear.

Step 3: Apply Press & Peel Foil by pressing dull side down onto adhesive line and peeling back up.

Step 4: Apply Foil Sealer to protect against flaking.

MiracleBond Instructions

Step 1: Cut the design out of the MiracleBond and peel off the release paper.

Step 2: Iron your shape onto your background (A Teflon sheet is required).

Step 3: Trim around edges for effect, if desired, to prevent fraying.

Clear MiracleBond Instructions

Step 1: Select fabric and trim Clear MiracleBond to fit.

Step 2: Iron MiracleBond paper side up onto the back of the fabric.

Step 3: Peel off release paper backing. The adhesive will cover back surface of fabric.

Step 4: Fabric is then ready to be ironed onto your background.

MiracleBond 101

We at PraiseBanners developed our heat-sensitive MiracleBond adhesive for years in a lab exclusively with your banner-making needs in mind. Gone are the days of settling for iron-on bonding agents that aren't available in the size that you need or won't bond with the materials you want to use.

44" Polished MiracleBond consists of our top quality Tissue Lame pretreated with Clear MiracleBond on the back.

Available Colors (left to right) - Gold, Brass, Silver, Peach, Fushia, Red, Orange, Emerald, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Plum, Purple, Black.
Click here to purchase.

45" Satin MiracleBond consists of our top quality Bridal Satin pre-treated with Clear MiracleBond on the back.

Available Colors (left to right) - White, Ivory, American Beauty, Raspberry, Red, Burgundy, Nu Gold, Emerald, Forest Green, Marigot Blue, Royal, Navy, Purple, Wood Violet, Black.
Click here to purchase.

40" Brilliant Metallic MiracleBond - Bright, brilliant and sturdy.

Available Colors (left to right) …