Press & Peel Foil

Our favorite for trimming letters and designs, Press & Peel Foil Trim creates the brightest metallic "liquid jewel" edging you can buy.

It consists of three components (from left to right): Dimensional Foil Bond Adhesive, Press & Peel Foil and Foil Sealer.

Press & Peel Foil Bond is available in the following colors (pictured left to right) - Amethyst, Royal, Teal, Emerald, Fushia, Ruby, Copper, Silver, Gold.
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Step 1: Apply Dimensional Foil Bond to desired area.

Step 2: Allow to dry. Adhesive is dry only when it is completely clear.

Step 3: Apply Press & Peel Foil by pressing dull side down onto adhesive line and peeling back up.

Step 4: Apply Foil Sealer to protect against flaking.