Banner Kits

Are you interested in creating a banner for your church, but not sure where to begin? PraiseBanners offers an array of solutions, no matter what your skill level is. In addition to pre-made banners, we offer patterns and kits for most of our designs.


For the real go-getter, PraiseBanners offers simply the pattern for your favorite banner design, image or alphabet and the rest is up to your imagination. This option is ideal for the banner committee who enjoys the communal aspect of picking out fabric and notions, but need inspiration for designs.

Patterns Include
-Detailed intstructions for banner construction
-Actual-size paper blueline pattern for cutting out design pieces
-In-depth black and white instructional art sheet for applying design, trim and other details
-Supplies list
-Overhead transparency

For more information about which designs are available as patterns, please click here to visit our hand-embellished banner gallery.

*Hint* Many customers will purchase one pattern for each font we offer and simply laminate the pattern, instead of having to re-purchase an alphabet pattern for each new banner. To view our available fonts and sizes, click here.


Kits are ideal for someone who does not want to spend valuable time shopping for banner supplies, but would still like to use their creative gifts to serve the church. Kits include: the pattern, fabric, trim, MiracleBond, and all of the supplies necessary to construct the banner. Clear MiracleBond will come pre-applied to your foreground images, saving you time. All of our kits are designed with our supplies in mind, so for anyone attempting to re-create one of our banners for the first time, we highly recommend a kit! For more information about which designs are available as a kit, please click here to visit our hand-embellished gallery.

Other Offerings

Does the idea of creating a banner sound inticing, but you're afraid of overwhelming yourself with too much work? PraiseBanners offers pre-made components to save you time and spare you the worry of getting in over your head.

Pre-Made Banner Background

Let us provide you with the blank canvas you need to create your masterpiece. All pre-made banner backgrounds are lined and come with pole hems and horse-shoe cutouts for easy hanging. We can even add fringe! To learn more about sizes, styles, and colors, click here.

Iron-On Artwork

Are you inspired by some of the original artwork that you see on our banners? Now you can purchase the specific image you desire, while still having the freedom to decide text, layout, and trim! For more information about the available designs, click here.

Pre-Cut Letters

Get beautiful professional-looking MiracleBond letters just like we use, and save yourself hours of tedious busywork at the same time. Ordering Precut Iron-On Letters lets us do the work while you think up creative ways to design your banner. To view available fonts and sizes, click here.